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Friends of the Library

Donors and Supporters

The Library thanks our sponsors for the Library's Exhibition, 9066: Japanese American Voices from the Inside Exhibition

Sponsors 2017

Haiku from Within:   Jim and Yuko Brumm, Kay and Jim Provost
Go For Broke Exhibition:  Douglas Jensen, Sayre Miller
Robert Ogata Drawings:  Gordon, Laurie, Mitchel and Melinda Misaki 
Poetry Contest:   James M. Smith
Tag Project on Tule Lake:  Valley Physicians and Surgeons Inc. in honor of Hide Yamaguchi and Dr. and Mrs. Hashiba

Kristin Saleri Art Foundation

Central California District Council of the Japanese American Citizens League
Dale and Deborah Ikeda

Hisao Buddy and Akiyo Ashida
David L. and Anna Vogt Aubry in honor of Michael, Elizabeth, Mike, Fred and Henry Vogt
The Dyck Family
Alan and Teresa Hirasuna
Jeanette and Tony Ishii
McCormick Barstow, LLP
Gregory and Patricia Miyake
R A Sano Farms, Inc.
Sun‐Maid Growers of California
O. James Woodward III

Ruth Andersen
Central California Nikkei Foundation
Central Fish Company
Clovis Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League
Fresno Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League
The Hennrikus Family
Dr. Ernest Kazato and Dr. Carolyn Sakauye
Joyce and Bob Kierejczyk
Marcie Morrison
Henry Naito
Jared Nakashima in memory of Harry and Miyo Honda and Masao Nakashima
Franklin Ng
Sanger Nursery
John and Liz Shields
Geri and Jerry Tahajian
Dr. John Tinker and Mrs. Carlene Tanigoshi Tinker

Asian Faculty and Staff Association
Judie Imoto Brown
Shirley M. Carlson
Susan Coberly
Aram and Barbara Garabedian
Carol Hirahara
Stuart Hirasuna
Allen Ishida
Roxie Jizmejian
Sueko Sue Kawamoto
William N. Kimoto
Shirley Kovacs
Kathleen Kubo
Marlene Kubota
Lisle Funeral Home
Susan Clingan Loucks
Michio Miyamoto
Fukiko Mae Morita
Tom T. and Jane S. Nagata
Bob Nakagawa
Elizabeth Nelson
Katherine and Ron Nishinaka
Randolph Onitsuka
Kathleen Palermo
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Powell
Rhea Rehark‐Griffith
Toshi Sakai
Jim and Kanae Sakamoto
Ayako Sunamoto
Midori and Yukio Tani
Barbara Taniguchi
John F. Vogt in honor of the Vogt Family
Howard Watkins in tribute to Dale and Deborah Ikeda
Renee Westa‐Lusk
Robert Wilkinson and Nancy Tholen
Betty Jo Yamamoto

List of Donors 2010-2011 (51.5K)

List of Donors 2012-2013 (181K)

List of Donors 2013-2014

List of Donors, ValleyFirsts! Exhibition September 2013

List of Donors Pickford Exhibition 2014

List of Donors 9066 Exhibition 2017

List of Donors 2016