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Friends of the Library

Monetary Donations

Give Online

Visit the University's secure, online Give Now donation form. Enter the desired amount, select "Library" and submit. If you wish to direct your gift to a particular fund within the library, select "Other" and write your choice in the box below. 

Give by Phone or Mail

Send a check made out to Fresno State Foundation to the Administrative Office, Library, 5200 North Barton Avenue M/S ML34, Fresno, CA 93740-8014. To charge your gift to your credit or debit card or to set up an automatic giving schedule, please call Micheline Golden at 559.278.5992 or 559.978.2938.

Payroll Giving

For faculty and staff, payroll giving is a great way to give regularly to the Library. Complete the Payroll Deduction Form and return it to the LibraryAdministrative Office at M/S ML 34. Make sure to note that you want the deduction to go to the Library. For assistance, call Micheline Golden at 559.278.5992 or 559.978.2938.

Matching Gifts

Many employers will match their employees' gifts to the Library. Please inquire and, if your company does such matching, enclose your company's matching gift form with your donation.

Gifts of Securities/Stocks

Gifts of stocks that have increased in value over the purchase price create a double tax benefit. For appreciated securities held longer than one year, you may deduct the full fair market value of your gift and avoid any capital gains tax. For instructions on making a gift of stock, please call Micheline Golden at 559.278.5992 or 559.978.2938.

You will be asked to provide:

  1. Number of shares
  2. Name of securities
  3. Name and contact information for the stock broker handling your account

Real Estate

A gift of real estate may be an attractive way to make a substantial commitment to the Library and at the same time reduce significantly the amount of income, capital gains, and estate taxes you otherwise would have to pay. By deeding a home to the Library, you may receive a tax deduction while continuing to occupy the property for life. For more information, please call Micheline Golden at 559.278.5992 or 559.978.2938.

Gifts of Personal Property

You may be able to donate artwork, antiques or collectibles to the Library, take a tax deduction, and avoid capital gains taxes on gifts related to our mission. Learn more about the Library’s Gifts of Materials policy.

Estate Gifts


Gifts made through wills or living trusts enable donors to make substantial gifts to the Library through their estate without diminishing their current cash flow. You can keep control over your assets and have the freedom to modify your plans if your circumstances or interests change.

Gifts of Life Insurance

You can provide now for a future gift to the Library by naming us owner and beneficiary of a policy insuring your life. You make annual, tax deductible premium payments and at maturity the proceeds go to the Center. This allows you to make a key gift from your annual income without dipping into your capital.

Gifts of Qualified Retirement Plans:

If you name the Library as a beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan, you can avoid income and estate taxes on the remaining funds in your retirement account. Give us the most highly taxed asset in your estate and leave less taxed assets to your heirs. You can continue to take withdrawals throughout your lifetime and retain the flexibility to change beneficiaries if your situation changes.

Make a tax-free gift from your IRA

If you will be at least 70 in 2013, you can benefit the Library and escape adding IRA distributions to your taxable income. Your gift of up to $100,000 per taxpayer will be excluded from your taxable income if you arrange for a transfer of funds directly from your traditional or Roth IRA. For more information please contact Fresno State's Director of Planned Giving, Liz Garvin, at 559.278.4038.

Partner With us on gifts with Lifelong Income

Through a planned gift, donors can give money, securities or real estate to the Library while retaining the income for themselves or another. Such a gift may actually increase income through immediate tax benefits, and ultimately the Library receives the assets. For further information about making a planned gift, please visit the University's planned giving page or contact Fresno State's Director of Planned Giving, Liz Garvin, at 559.278.4038.