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Asian Faculty/Staff Association

Asian Faculty and Staff

Asian Faculty and Staff Association at Fresno State

We welcome you to the Asian Faculty & Staff Association (AFSA) at Fresno State! Join us to work on issues, activities and programs that will enrich us all as professionals!

Why should I join AFSA?

AFSA, founded at Fresno State in December 2008, seeks faculty and staff interested in supporting Asian and Asian-American issues and activities on campus. AFSA's hopes to:

  • Utilize membership dues to award book scholarships for students.
  • Host regular monthly meetings and assorted social gatherings for AFSA members and co-host holiday events with other faculty and staff associations on campus.
  • Sponsor, support, and partner with other groups to promote and host Asian-related cultural activities on campus and elsewhere.
  • Afford opportunities for faculty and staff across campus to meet, interact, and socialize both formally and informally on a regular basis.
  • Support the Asian American Studies Program Coordinator and students.
  • Provide enhanced opportunities and funding to develop, enhance, and nurture professional leadership, communication, and organizational skills as part of a well-regarded campus organization.

How to join AFSA?

Fill out the official AFSA Application (see link below) and return an annual membership fee of twenty dollars ($20) in either cash or check, to AFSA President, Varaxy Yi Borromeo, via campus mail stop ED 117 or via Venmo at @AFSAFresnoState. 

Fill out an AFSA application now About Us

Mourning Tragedy and Centering Solidarity with the LGBTQ+ Community

The Colorado Springs mass shooting in November 2022 fills us with sadness, hurt, and anger. While this is undoubtedly a tragedy for the LGBTQ+ community, it is also a reminder of the intersections that many of our own AAPI community members have with trans, queer, and gender non-conforming identities. Keeping these identities in mind, as well as our diverse communities' struggles with homophobia, transphobia, sexism, patriarchy, gender-based violence, and related systems of gender and sexual oppression, we stand in solidarity with members of the LGBTQ+ in Colorado Springs, on our campus, and beyond. We recognize that statements like this can be performative, especially absent meaningful action to support survivors and victims of these heinous acts. However, it is just as important to note that remaining silent in the face of injustice also sends a message. 

We mourn the loss of lives in Colorado Springs, and our hearts are with those who will continue to live with the pain of surviving these awful events. We want to explicitly call out the bigotry, closed-mindedness, and hatred that led to these and similar events throughout history. However, beyond the pain, hurt, and anger, we also recognize that the agency and responsibility that we ALL share, within the AAPI community and beyond, to build a world in which all peoples' gender identities, sexualities, and choice of who to love are not only protected, but deeply respected. We recognize the courage of those civilians and community members who put a stop to the nightclub violence at the risk of their own lives, and we call on our leaders to transform our systems, structures, and resources to build a path to a future for LGBTQ+ individuals, communities, and spaces rooted in safety, freedom, and radical love. 

However, we are also extremely heartened by the efforts of unarmed bystanders who stood up against hatred and saved lives in the process. We uplift the efforts of LGBTQ+ organizations, individuals, and allies within and beyond the AAPI community who are resolute in their commitment to ending gender and sexual discrimination, violence, and oppression through community accountability, transformative justice, and care-centered policy and practice. We must seek restorative and collective approaches to justice that seek to heal, rather than continue cycles of violence. We invite all members of the AAPI community at Fresno State and the Central Valley to visit our Resource Links page for ways to contribute to this work.

Let love for community, solidarity, and care lead the way, always.

- 2022-2023 Asian Faculty and Staff Association Board of Directors 


Addressing Anti-Asian Violence Across Our Communities

We are hurt and saddened by the violent acts our Asian communities and elders are experiencing. Xenophobia has long cast a shadow over our communities (Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, South Asian, and more) despite our long history and contributions to this country.

Our community is in pain. The rise in anti-Asian sentiment since the pandemic has fostered more violence and division that must not continue. As we continue to recognize the ongoing struggles of Indigenous peoples and the movement to defend Black Lives, we issue a call to acknowledge and center our community’s pain in this moment. We also encourage us to find meaningful ways to discuss and process this hurt that is transformative and expansive in our solutions.

We uplift the efforts of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community organizations across the nation who are resolute in their commitment to ending violence through community accountability, justice, and care. We must seek restorative and collective means of justice that seek to heal. Please visit our Resource Links page, at the link below, for ways to contribute to this work.

Let love for community solidarity and care lead the way. 

- Asian Faculty and Staff Association Board of Directors
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