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Fresno State LGBTQ+Allies

2022-2023 LGBTQ+Allies Officers


Jonathan Pryor

Jonathan Pryor (he/him), Department of Educational Leadership

Research Chair

Dr. Marcus Crawford

Dr. Marcus Crawford (he/him), Department of Social Work Education

Vice President

Image of Jennifer Leahy

Jennifer Leahy (she/her), Project Rebound

Safe Zone Chair

image of Cassie Hanlin

Cassie Hanlin, JD, (they/them), Human Resources


Kat Fobear

Kat Fobear (she/her), Department of Women's Studies


Social Events Chair

Belle Vang Photograph

Gaonoucci Belle Vang, (she/her/hers), Department of Criminology


Photograph of Ginny Barnes

Ginny Barnes (she/her/they/them), Library