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Staff Assembly

About the Staff Assembly Executive Committee

The Fresno State Executive Staff Assembly Committee's mission is to promote strong professional and personal ties between and among staff members by creating fun events and valuable community and campus service projects.

SAEC provides the staff at Fresno State a host of opportunities for community engagement, collaboration, professional development & portfolio building through service projects & activities.

Please email with any questions or suggestions.  

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The goals of the SAEC are to promote the interests of campus staff through social and engagement activities at Fresno State. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Provide opportunities for staff engagement and involvement with various programs and activities.  We shall collaborate with other university groups on various events
  2. Assist in facilitating staff appointment to committees and other campus initiatives
  3. Stand as a University-recognized organization of staff employees that will have a voice in matters pertaining to the University that are outside the scope of the Higher Education Employer Relations Act (HEERA) and the concerns of employee organizations  
  4. The SAEC is comprised of employees of the California State University, Fresno and recognized auxiliary organizations.  This Executive Committee may be asked to be involved in matters of interest and concerns to those who are not exclusively represented and, as such, it is understood that the SAEC will not address matters within the scope of representation for those exclusively represented  
  5. Provide opportunities for staff to engage in professional development opportunities to gain or improve skills
  6. Provide opportunities for staff to form a cohesive community in the workplace
  7. Provide opportunities to enhance their professional portfolio
  8. To recognize and appreciate staff for their hard work